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Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar... Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes

By: Cathcart, Thomas & Klein

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Publisher: 9/24/2012

Seller ID: 9780810914933

ISBN: 081091493X

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Heres a lively, hilarious, not-so-reverent crash course through the great philosophical traditions, schools, concepts, and thinkers. Its Philosophy 101 for everyone who knows not to take all this heavy stuff too seriously. Some of the Big Ideas are Existentialism (what do Hegel and Bette Midler have in common?), Philosophy of Language (how to express what its like being stranded on a desert island with Halle Berry), Feminist Philosophy (why, in the end, a man is always a man), and much more. Finallyit all makes sense View more info

Image for Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy

Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy

By: Cavell, Stanley

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Publisher: OXFORD UNIV PR:

Seller ID: 9780195131079

ISBN: 019513107X

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This handsome new edition of Stanley Cavell's landmark text, first published 20 years ago, provides a new preface that discusses the reception and influence of his work, which occupies a unique niche between philosophy and literary studies. View more info

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Observations upon Experimental Philosophy

By: Cavendish, Margaret

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ISBN: 0521776759

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Margaret Cavendish's Observations upon Experimental Philosophy holds a unique position in early modern philosophy. Cavendish rejects the picture of nature as a grand machine that was propounded by Hobbes and Descartes; she also rejects the alternative views of nature that make reference to immaterial spirits. Instead she develops an original system of organicist materialism, and draws on the doctrines of ancient Stoicism to attack the tenets of seventeenth-century mechanical philosophy. Her treatise is a document of major importance in the history of women's contributions to philosophy and sci... View more info

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Practice of Everyday Life

By: Certeau, Michel de

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ISBN: 0520061683

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In this incisive book, Michel de Certeau considers the uses to which social representation and modes of social behavior are put by individuals and groups, describing the tactics available to the common man for reclaiming his own autonomy from the all-pervasive forces of commerce, politics, and culture. View more info

Image for Learning to Be A Sage: Selections from the Conversations of Master Chu, Arranged

Learning to Be A Sage: Selections from the Conversations of Master Chu, Arranged

By: Chu, Hsi/ Gardner, Daniel K

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Seller ID: 9780520065253

ISBN: 0520065255

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Students and teachers of Chinese history and philosophy will not want to miss Daniel Gardner's accessible translation of the teachings of Chu Hsi (1130-1200)--a luminary of the Confucian tradition who dominated Chinese intellectual life for centuries. Homing in on a primary concern of our own time, Gardner focuses on Chu Hsi's passionate interest in education and its importance to individual development. For hundreds of years, every literate person in China was familiar with Chu Hsi's teachings. They informed the curricula of private academies and public schools and became the basis of the... View more info

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Cicero: On Duties (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)

By: Cicero

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ISBN: 0521348358

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De Officiis (On Duties) is Cicero's last theoretical work and contains his analysis, in a Greek theoretical framework, of the political and ethical values of the Roman governing class in the late Republic. It has often been treated merely as a key to the Greek philosophical works that Cicero used, but this volume aims to render De Officiis, which had a profound impact upon subsequent political thinkers, more intelligible by explaining its relation to its own time and place. All the standard series features are present, including a wholly new translation, a concise introduction by a leading sch... View more info

Offices and Select Letters

By: Cicero

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ISBN: 79436

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Temptation to Exist

By: Cioran, E.M.

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Publisher: 10/27/2012

Seller ID: 9780226106755

ISBN: 0226106756

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This collection of eleven essays originally appeared in France thirty years ago and created a literary whirlwind on the Left Bank. Cioran writes incisively about Western civilizations, the writer, the novel, mystics, apostles, and philosophers. "A sort of final philosopher of the Western world. His statements have the compression of poetry and the audacity of cosmic clowning."--"Washington Post" "An intellectual bombshell that blasts away at all kinds of cant, sham and conventionality. . . . Cioran's] language is so erotic, his handling of words so seductive, that the act of reading b... View more info

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On Government

By: Cirero

Price: $6.00

Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP: 7/17/2013

Seller ID: 0140445951

ISBN: 0140445951

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Cicero, writes Michael Grant in his Introduction to this superb selection, is 'by far Rome's most enlightening polictical thinker, and perhaps its greatest.' Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) was a key figure in the turbulent closing years of the Roman Republic. The principles he expounded, occasionally compromised, and eventually died for, draw on wide practical experience as well as deep knowledge and reflection. Against Verres sealed the fate of a corrupt provincial governor and made Cicero's reputation; the Philippics, a brilliant series of attack on one-man rule, and on Mark Anton... View more info

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Mindware: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science

By: Clark, Andy

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Seller ID: 9780195138573

ISBN: 0195138570

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Mindware: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science invites readers to join in up-to-the-minute conceptual discussions of the fundamental issues, problems, and opportunities in cognitive science. Written by one of the most renowned scholars in the field, this vivid and engaging introductory text relates the story of the search for a cognitive scientific understanding of mind. This search is presented as a no-holds-barred journey from early work in artificial intelligence, through connectionist (artificial neural network) counter-visions, and on to neuroscience, artificial life, dy... View more info

God, Sexuality, and the Self: An Essay 'On The Trinity'

By: Coakley, Sarah

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ISBN: 0521558263

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God, Sexuality and the Self is a new venture in systematic theology. Sarah Coakley invites the reader to re-conceive the relation of sexual desire and the desire for God and through the lens of prayer practice to chart the intrinsic connection of this relation to a theology of the Trinity. The goal is to integrate the demanding ascetical undertaking of prayer with the recovery of lost and neglected materials from the tradition and thus to reanimate doctrinal reflection both imaginatively and spiritually. What emerges is a vision of human longing for the triune God which is both edgy and compel... View more info

Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics

By: Cohen, Andrew

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ISBN: 1405115483

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"Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics" features pairs of newly commissioned essays by some of the leading theorists working in the field today. Brings together fresh debates on eleven of the most controversial issues in applied ethics Topics addressed include abortion, affirmative action, animals, capital punishment, cloning, euthanasia, immigration, pornography, privacy in civil society, values in nature, and world hunger. Lively debate format sharply defines the issues, and paves the way for further discussion. Will serve as an accessible introduction to the major topics in... View more info

Image for Riddles of Existence: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics

Riddles of Existence: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics

By: Conee, Earl/Sider, Theodore

Price: $6.00

Publisher: OXFORD UNIV PR:

Seller ID: 9780199215188

ISBN: 0199215189

Condition: USED

The riddles of metaphysics are the deepest and most puzzling questions we can ponder. Riddles of Existence is the first book ever to make metaphysics genuinely accessible and fun. Its lively, informal style brings these questions to life and shows how stimulating it can be to think about them. Earl Conee and Theodore Sider offer a lucid discussion of the major topics in metaphysics. What makes me the same person I was as a child? Is everything fated to be exactly as it is? Does time flow? How fast does it flow, and can one travel back in time, against the current? Does God exist? Why is th... View more info

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Analects of Confucius

By: Confucius

Price: $5.00

Publisher: VINTAGE BOOKS: 6/20/2011

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ISBN: 0679722963

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Image for Analects


By: Confucius

Price: $4.00

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ISBN: 0192839209

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Few individuals have shaped their country's civilization more profoundly than the Master Kong, better-known as Confucius (551-479 BC). His sayings and those of his disciples form the foundation of a distinct social, ethical, and intellectual system. They have retained their freshness and vigor throughout the two and a half millennia of their currency, and are still admired even in today's China. This lively new translation offers clear explanatory notes by one of the foremost scholars of classical Chinese, providing an ideal introduction to the Analects for readers who have no previous kno... View more info

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Aesthetics: The Classic Readings

By: Cooper, David

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ISBN: 0631195696

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This is the first volume to be published in an exciting new series of classic collections in philosophy. View more info

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Existentialism: A Reconstruction

By: Cooper, David E.

Price: $5.00

Seller ID: 9780631161929

ISBN: 0631161929

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Image for Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

By: Crawford, Matthew B.

Price: $9.00

Publisher: PENGUIN PR: 9/9/2014

Seller ID: 9781594202230

ISBN: 1594202230

Condition: USED

A philosopher / mechanic destroys the pretensions of the high- prestige workplace and makes an irresistible case for working with one's hands "Shop Class as Soulcraft" brings alive an experience that was once quite common, but now seems to be receding from society-the experience of making and fixing things with our hands. Those of us who sit in an office often feel a lack of connection to the material world, a sense of loss, and find it difficult to say exactly what we do all day. For anyone who felt hustled off to college, then to the cubicle, against their own inclinations and natural be... View more info

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Philosphy of Science

By: Curd, Martin

Price: $6.00

Publisher: 1/28/2012

Seller ID: 9780393971750

ISBN: 0393971759

Condition: USED

Gathering 49 readings on a variety of topics science and pseudoscience; rationality, objectivity, and values in science; laws of nature; models of explanation, among others this anthology introduces students to the often challenging problems examined by major thinkers in the field. Combine this with thoughtful and thorough apparatus, and Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues is the most flexible and comprehensive collection ever created for undergraduate courses. View more info

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Presocratics Reader

By: Curd, Patricia

Price: $3.00

Publisher: 10/8/2102

Seller ID: 9780872203266

ISBN: 0872203263

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