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Joker Screenplay

By: Phillips, Todd

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Image for Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy

Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy

By: Pippin, Robert B.

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The crime melodramas of the 1940s known now as film noir shared many formal and thematic elements, from unusual camera angles and lighting to moral ambiguity and femmes fatales. In this book Robert Pippin argues that many of these films also raise distinctly philosophical questions. Where most Hollywood films of that era featured reflective individuals living with purpose, taking action and effecting desired consequences, the typical noir protagonist deliberates and plans, only to be confronted by the irrelevance of such deliberation and by results that contrast sharply, often tragically, w... View more info

Image for Hollywood Westerns and American Myth: The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Fo

Hollywood Westerns and American Myth: The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Fo

By: Pippin, Robert B.

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In this pathbreaking book one of America's most distinguished philosophers brilliantly explores the status and authority of law and the nature of political allegiance through close readings of three classic Hollywood Westerns: Howard Hawks' "Red River" and John Ford's "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "The Searchers."Robert Pippin treats these films as sophisticated mythic accounts of a key moment in American history: its "second founding," or the western expansion. His central question concerns how these films explore classical problems in political psychology, especially how the v... View more info

Silent Screens: The Decline and Transformation of the American Movie Theater (Cr

By: Putnam, Michael

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The single-screen movie theaters that punctuated small-town America's main streets and city neighborhoods since the 1920s are all but gone. The well-dressed throng of moviegoers has vanished; the facades are boarded. In "Silent Screens, " photographer Michael Putnam captures these once prominent cinemas in decline and transformation. His photographs of abandoned movie houses and forlorn marquees are an elegy to this disappearing cultural icon. In the early 1980s, Putnam began photographing closed theaters, theaters that had been converted to other uses (a church, a swimming pool), theate... View more info

Image for American Film and Society since 1945, 4th Edition

American Film and Society since 1945, 4th Edition

By: Quart, Leonard

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Edition: 4

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In this most recent update to "American Film and Society since 1945," the authors expand upon earlier editions by adding films previously neglected, and broaden their analysis of a number of films by discussing how these works capture the mood and values of American society in a particular decade. Interpretation of films can involve direct connections with social and political issues, but often deal with the important subtext of dreams, desires, and displacements that the American public feels. Recent films that present gay relationships and politics, such as "Brokeback Mountain" and "Mi... View more info

Image for My Year of Flops

My Year of Flops

By: Rabin, Nathan

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In 2007, Nathan Rabin set out to provide a revisionist look at the history of cinematic failure on a weekly basis. What began as a solitary ramble through the nooks and crannies of pop culture evolved into a way of life. "My Year Of Flops" collects dozens of the best-loved entries from the "A.V. Club" column along with bonus interviews and fifteen brand-new entries covering everything from notorious flops like "The Cable Guy" and "Last Action Hero" to bizarre obscurities like "Glory Road," Johnny Cash's poignantly homemade tribute to Jesus. Driven by a unique combination of sympathy and Schade... View more info

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Black & White & Noir

By: Rabinowitz, Paula

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"Black & White & Noir" explores America's pulp modernism through penetrating readings of the noir sensibility lurking in an eclectic array of media: Office of War Information photography, women's experimental films, and African-American novels, among others. It traces the dark edges of cultural detritus blowing across the postwar landscape, finding in pulp a political theory that helps explain America's fascination with lurid spectacles of crime. We are accustomed to thinking of noir as a film form popularized in movies like "The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, " and, more recently, Quen... View more info

Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture Through 1925 (A Touchsto

By: Ramsaye, Terry

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Adventures of Feluda: The House of Death

By: Ray, Satyajit

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Image for Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up

Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up

By: Rensin, David

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It's like a plot from a Hollywood potboiler: start out in the mailroom, end up a mogul. But for many, it happens to be true. Some of the biggest names in entertainment--including David Geffen, Barry Diller, and Michael Ovitz-- started their dazzling careers in the lowly mailroom. Based on more than two hundred interviews, David Rensin unfolds the never-before-told history of an American institution--in the voices of the people who lived it. Through nearly seven decades of glamour and humiliation, lousy pay and incredible perks, killer egos and a kill-or-be-killed ethos, you'll go where the tra... View more info

History of World Cinema

By: Robinson, David

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Image for Blackface, White Noise: Jewish Immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot

Blackface, White Noise: Jewish Immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot

By: Rogin, Michael

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The tangled connections that have bound Jews to African Americans in popular culture and liberal politics are at the heart of Michael Rogin's arresting and unnerving book. Looking at films from "Birth of a Nation" to "Forrest Gump," Rogin explores blackface in Hollywood films as an aperture to broader issues: the nature of "white" identity in America, the role of race in transforming immigrants into "Americans," the common experiences of Jews and African Americans that made Jews key supporters in the fight for racial equality, and the social importance of popular culture. Rogin's forcefully ar... View more info

Image for History Goes to the Movies: A Viewer's Guide to the Best (and Some of the Worst)

History Goes to the Movies: A Viewer's Guide to the Best (and Some of the Worst)

By: Roquemore, Joseph

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Publisher: 1/5/2012

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ISBN: 0385496788

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From Birth of a Nation to Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan, here is a compulsively readable and endlessly browsable book that brings to life for film buffs, history lovers, students, and teachers the real stories behind the stirring events on screen. No medium is more effective than film in bringing to vivid life the epochal events of our past; yet none is as prone to sometimes dangerous distortions of fact and emphasis. History Goes to the Movies separates fact from fiction for more than three hundred important historical films, in the process enhancing both viewing pleasure and histori... View more info

Agency: William Morris and the Hidden History of Show Business

By: Rose, Frank

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Image for History of Shakespeare on Screen: A Century of Film and Television

History of Shakespeare on Screen: A Century of Film and Television

By: Rothwell, Kenneth

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Edition: 2

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ISBN: 0521543118

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This book chronicles how film-makers have re-imagined Shakespeare's plays from the earliest exhibitions in music halls and nickelodeons to today's multi-million dollar productions shown in megaplexes. The new edition updates the chronology to the year 2003 and includes a new chapter on such recent films as John Madden's Shakespeare in Love, Kenneth Branagh's Love's Labours Lost, Michael Almereyda's Hamlet, and Billy Morrissette's Scotland, Pa. An up-to-date filmography, bibliography, and index of names makes it invaluable as a one-volume reference work. First Edition Hb (1999): 0-521-59404-9 F... View more info

Cinema: A Critical Dictionary

By: Roud, Richard

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Image for Wizard of Oz (BFI Film Classics)

Wizard of Oz (BFI Film Classics)

By: Rushdie, Salman

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Edition: 2

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The Wizard of Oz 'was my very first literary influence, ' writes Salman Rushdie in hisaccount of the great MGM children's classic. At the age of ten he had written a story, 'Over the Rainbow', about a colourful fantasy world. But for Rushdie The Wizard of Ozis more than a children's film, and more than a fantasy. It's a story whose drivingforce is the inadequacy of adults, in which 'the weakness of grown-ups forceschildren to take control of their own destinies'. And Rushdie rejects the conventionalview that its fantasy of escape from reality ends with a comforting retu... View more info

"""The Movies Are"": Carl Sandburg's Film Reviews and Essays 1920-1928"

By: Sandberg, Carl

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Publisher: LAKE CLAREMONT PR: 10/6/2012

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A compilation of hundreds of Sandburg's writings on film during the silent era for the Chicago Daily News, showing how this great American writer was an early champion of movies and their possibilities, and, thus, set the stage for future film criticism. View more info

Image for American Drive-In Movie Theatre

American Drive-In Movie Theatre

By: Sanders, Don

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Few vanishing American venues can evoke as many nostalgic memories as drive-in movie theaters. Before malls and video arcades, drive-ins were the place for carloads of American teenagers, the place for young families needing a break from the house on a summer night, and the place for hot rodders to revel in and admire the hottest cars.Once common across the country but now numbering fewer than 1,000, American drive-in movie theaters are remembered in loving detail in this new book. Loaded with archival black and white, 150 color photographs and wonderful memorabilia, this book covers the ar... View more info

Image for Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie Matewan

Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie Matewan

By: Sayles, John

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Publisher: DA CAPO PR: 9/8/2016

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ISBN: 0306812665

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What choices--creative, practical, and technical--make a movie what it is? Here a gifted writer and filmmaker takes us behind the camera and provides a full description of the movie-making process.When John Sayles turned from writing fiction to making movies, he did so with little help from Hollywood: Return of the Secaucus Seven, Sayles's first movie as director and writer, was produced with $60,000 of his own money. Many films later, he still works outside the studio system and guides every phase of his productions.Now Sayles has written an illuminating book about the complex choices that li... View more info