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Image for Quiet in the Land: Luang Prabang, Laos

Quiet in the Land: Luang Prabang, Laos

By: Abramovic, Marina

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Seller ID: 9780984166701

ISBN: 098416670X

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This book documents a series of community-based projects by Marina Abramovi? Janine Antoni, Cai Guo-Qiang, Ann Hamilton, Dinh Q. L', Shirin Neshat, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Allan Sekula, Shahzia Sikander and Rirkrit Tiravanija among others, realized in Luang Prabang, Laos, from 2004 to 2008. View more info

Image for DADA Reader: A Critical Anthology

DADA Reader: A Critical Anthology

By: Ades, Dawn

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Seller ID: 9780226006987

ISBN: 0226006980

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The revolutionary Dada movement, though short-lived, produced a vast amount of creative work in both art and literature during the years that followed World War I. Rejecting all social and artistic conventions, Dadaists went to the extremes of provocative behavior, creating "anti-art" pieces that ridiculed and questioned the very nature of creative endeavor. To understand their movement's heady mix of anarchy and nihilism--combined with a lethal dash of humor--it's essential to engage with the artists' most important writings and manifestos. And that is is precisely where this reader comes in.... View more info

Image for Casas Grandes and the Ceramic Art of the Ancient Southwest

Casas Grandes and the Ceramic Art of the Ancient Southwest


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ISBN: 0300111487

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In the flourishing ancient Indian communities of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico, master potters created ceramic arts that are considered among the most accomplished in the world. The symbolic imagery and distinctive local styles of the region are unmistakable--simple volumetric shapes covered with complex, interlocking geometrical designs that are sometimes combined with bold abstract animal, human, and composite figures. Within this shared tradition are clearly identifiable local styles and symbolic vocabularies, and this lavishly illustrated book focuses on one of them: the cera... View more info

Image for Written On The City: Graffiti Messages Worldwide

Written On The City: Graffiti Messages Worldwide

By: Albin, Axel

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Seller ID: 9781600610776

ISBN: 1600610773

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Someone Is Trying to Tell You SomethingThis book is a glimpse into a vast conversation happening illegally and in public.All over the world, people are writing messages on the walls and sidewalks of the cities in which we live. They are staying up late, breaking the law, and taking risks to say something to you.Some of it is funny. Some of it is beautiful. Lots of it is upsetting, crazy, and brilliant at the same time. And all of it is important.This book continues that conversation through the eyes of photographers who recognized the importance of those words on the walls and shar... View more info

Frescoes of Conrad Albrizio: Public Murals in the Midcentury South

By: Albrizo, Conrad

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Seller ID: 9780807171028

ISBN: 0807171026

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Art of Arts

By: Albus, Anita

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Image for Triumph of the Spirit: Carlos Alfonzo, a Survey, 1975-1991 (English and Spanish

Triumph of the Spirit: Carlos Alfonzo, a Survey, 1975-1991 (English and Spanish

By: Alfonzo/Miami Art Museum

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Seller ID: 9780295976815

ISBN: 0295976810

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Triumph of the Spirit examines the work of the late Cuban American painter Carlos Alfonzo (1950-1991). The book traces the development of his evocative and complex visual language in works ranging from early, ideographic works on paper to the final, monumental canvas Blood, painted months before his AIDS-related death.After emigrating to the United States in 1980 as part of the Mariel boatlift, Alfonzo developed a national reputation from his home base in Miami. His work was included in the 1987 exhibition Hispanic Art in the United States. Yet it was not until his inclusion in the 1991 Whi... View more info

Image for Sky Below (Art Profile Series, 2)

Sky Below (Art Profile Series, 2)

By: Amenoff, Gregory

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Seller ID: 9781889097060

ISBN: 1889097063

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American Sculpture in Process, 1930-1970

By: Andersen, Wayne

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ISBN: 036811

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Image for Art Held Hostage: Battle Over the Barnes Collection

Art Held Hostage: Battle Over the Barnes Collection

By: Anderson, John

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Publisher: 10/20/2013

Seller ID: 9780393048896

ISBN: 0393048896

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This is the story of how a fabled art foundation the greatest collection of impressionist and postimpressionist art in America came to be, and why it is now, thanks to more than a decade of legal squabbling, on the brink of financial collapse. The Barnes Collection has been conservatively valued at more than $6 billion and includes some 69 Cezannes (more than in all the museums of Paris combined), 60 Matisses, 44 Picassos, 18 Rousseaus, 14 Modiglianis, and no fewer than 180 Renoirs. Yet the Barnes is in crisis. Its founder, Dr. Albert C. Barnes (1872), grew up in the slums of late-nineteenth-c... View more info

Hearing Voices: Collected Stories & Drawings

By: Andreas, Brian

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Publisher: 7/29/2010

Seller ID: 9780964266056

ISBN: 0964266059

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Image for Landscape and Western Art

Landscape and Western Art

By: Andrews, Malcolm

Price: $6.00

Publisher: OXFORD UNIV PR:

Seller ID: 9780192842336

ISBN: 0192842331

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What is landscape? How does it differ from "land?" Does landscape always imply something to be pictured, a scene? When and why did we begin to cherish images of nature? What is "nature?" Is it everything that isn't art, or artifact? By addressing these and many other questions, Landscape andWestern Art explores the myriad ideas and images of the natural world in Western art since the Renaissance. Implying that land is the raw material, and that art is created by turning land into landscape, which then becomes art, author Malcolm Andrews takes the reader on a thematic tour of the fascinati... View more info

Image for Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism

By: Anfam, David

Price: $6.00

Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON: 9/4/2013

Seller ID: 9780500202432

ISBN: 0500202435

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Image for Palestinian Art

Palestinian Art

By: Ankori, Gannit

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ISBN: 1861892594

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Turmoil and violence have defined the lives of Palestinian people over the last few decades, yet in the midst of the chaos artists live and thrive, creating little-seen work that is a powerful response to their situation. Gannit Ankori's "Palestinian Art" is the first in-depth English-language assessment of contemporary Palestinian art, and it offers an unprecedented and wholly original overview of this art in all its complexity. Ankori comprehensively traces the full history and development of Palestinian art, from its roots in folk art and traditional Christian and Islamic painting to th... View more info

Image for Social and the Real: Political Art of the 1930s in the Western Hemisphere

Social and the Real: Political Art of the 1930s in the Western Hemisphere

By: Anreus, Alejando

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Seller ID: 9780271026916

ISBN: 027102691X

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During the 1930s, American artists such as Ben Shahn developed a mode of representation generally known as Social Realism. This term is given broad new meaning in the anthology brought together by Alejandro Anreus, Diana L. Linden, and Jonathan Weinberg. They and their collaborators argue that artists of the Depression era believed that their art became "realistic" by engaging the great economic and political issues of society. Through fresh investigation of the visual culture of the 1930s--painting, sculpture, photography, and the graphic arts--the anthology illuminates the struggle for so... View more info

Image for Cubism and Culture

Cubism and Culture

By: Antliff, Mark

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Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON:

Seller ID: 9780500203422

ISBN: 0500203423

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Often considered to be the seminal art movement of the twentieth century, Cubism initiated a pictorial revolution through its radical approach to image making, invention of the new media of collage and sculptural assemblage, and evolution toward pure abstraction. Scholarly yet accessible, Cubism and Culture reveals these profound formal innovations as integrally related to changes in French society. The authors first examine the movement's origins in primitivism and its engagement with issues of race and colonialism, and then consider the Cubists' responses to anti-Enlightenment philosophies, ... View more info

Image for Art Since 1960

Art Since 1960

By: Archer, Michael

Price: $5.00

Publisher: 12/15/2014

Seller ID: 9780500202982

ISBN: 0500202982

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Image for Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye

Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye

By: Arnheim, Rudolf

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Publisher: UNIV OF CALIFORNIA PR: 2/21/2015

Edition: 50

Seller ID: 9780520243835

ISBN: 0520243838

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Since its publication fifty years ago, this work has established itself as a classic. It casts the visual process in psychological terms and describes the creative way one's eye organizes visual material according to specific psychological premises. In 1974 this book was revised and expanded, and since then it has continued to burnish Rudolf Arnheim's reputation as a groundbreaking theoretician in the fields of art and psychology. View more info

1970s Art in America

By: Art in America

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GIFTS BEYOND MEASURE: The Antiquarian Society and European Decorative Arts, 1987

By: Art Insitite of Chicago

Price: $7.50

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ISBN: 0865592022

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